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Welcome to Tarot Readings by D LLC!  I am a certified tarot card reader, reiki master, and mindfulness coach.  I hope to be able to provide you with the guidance and the insight that you need, as well as to empower you and help guide you in your healing journey.  I strive to provide my clients with useful information in order to make impactful life changes and to provide them with the clarity that they need in order to do so.  Explore my site below, and see how I can help to guide you.

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About Me

I am a certified tarot card reader and Reiki master from Long Island, New York.  I have always been intuitive, much to the annoyance of friends and family members, who could never quite understand why I always seemed to "just know" what was going to happen. About 7 years ago, I got my first tarot deck and began to read for myself and my loved ones. 

In November 2019, I opened my Etsy shop to begin offering readings for others.  Since then, I have read for hundreds of clients, and held reiki sessions for dozens of them, many of them returning for guidance, insight, empowerment, and energy healing when they feel called to.  Please check out my testimonials to see what they are saying about my services!  I also provide free guidance nearly everyday on Instagram and TikTok, my main accounts being:  @tarotreadingsbyd.

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