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D tends to always blow me away. First her extremely accurate tarot readings and now reiki. It was my first long distance reiki session with D. During the whole 30 minutes, and even after the session. I felt different sensations going on within my body. After the session, D sent me a long report on what she had found and how I can heal any blockage. The report was extremely accurate.


She’s amazing. Everything resonated well with my situation. She’s very compassionate and always get the reading done at a timely manner. Truly gifted. Please don’t hesitate to get a reading from her.


Definitely worth getting a reading from D. She was very thorough and gave me plenty of insights. She went over each card without rushing through the messages. I love her reading style and definitely recommend her! Thanks so much, D!!


I just want to say that D is AMAZING and if you're looking to book for a reading or a reiki session with her then you definitely should!! I have gotten multiple readings from her and without telling her any background information she's been able to pick up and see things I never even told her about. D is definitely gifted and all the readings she has done for me are always accurate and resonated. D has also done reiki sessions for me and I've been happy with the results. I've been struggling with heartache so I looked into reiki and after getting it done I've felt amazing. It's definitely a process, but healing is possible. D is such a sweetheart too and is always there to answer any questions you may have. She is so helpful and will also clarify further on your readings if that's needed. I will continue booking with D because I feel it in my core that she's genuine and really cares about helping others.


I've been using this service for about 3 years. I am extremely satisfied with the customer service and accuracy that I have received from D. She is God gift on Earth. she is 100% accurate on her information that she provides to you. everything she has said has come to the light. I will be using her again in the near future. D thank you for everything you have done for me. God bless you.

The quality and service that I have received was wonderful. The reading was amazing and 100% accurate. She has a gift beyond the universe. She is truly blessed by God to help guide people. I asked 3 questions and received my answer in a matter of time. D is really amazing. Thank You D


I absolutely love receiving readings from D!!! She’s extremely gifted and so sweet! Yet, she tells it how it is and is very straight forward and professional. I can’t say enough good things about her and lovely tarot readings !!


If you’re thinking about it, do it! D is the best reader I’ve ever interacted with. She’s extremely thorough with her readings, and you can tell she takes her time and puts a lot of effort into them. I also can resonate to every single thing she pulls. After the first reading, I’ve already purchased 2 more from her, I’m obsessed! Seriously, you don’t regret it!!


Quick delivery, incredibly insightful, no card left unexplained, everything was clear & made sense, & was more detailed than I was expecting. This was one reading that definitely resonated 100%, as I can connect every detail to what has happened in reality & there was no confusion. Thank you so much, D! Will be returning!


D is my favourite reader. Very professional and most kind person. She puts so much effort and passion for guiding you. She is very accurate and truthful.
It is not my first reading with her and not the last for sure!
If you need more clarity, she is your person!!!


wow, such an insightful, detailed and warm reading! I can't be more satisfied! Also, very fast delivery. Highly recommend. Looking forward to booking another reading with D.


Wow, I never really write reviews but for this shop and for D she truly deserves it. Her talent is unbelievable, she gets into detail, she actually puts time and words for you to understand what you want to know. Thank you D I really appreciate it. Please give her a try she is going to blow your mind.


Highly recommend this shop! I was skeptical at first but the reading was genuine and resonated with me a lot. D was very thorough and detailed even answered a follow up question for me which was super nice of her to do. She seems very passionate about what she does and I will most definitely do another reading with her again!


D is extremely accurate, and the details are really deep. The reading resonated! It helped me a lot. D is really sweet and thoughtful, just like a friend trying to help you. I would recommend her, i am really satisfied.


The first reading I got from D, was the general reading in the beginning of June. Since I did not give her any information, I did not know what to expect. Boy, did D blow my mine away. She knew everything that was going on in my life. Since then I had a few readings with her and she is so amazing, super accurate, extremely generous and so sweet.


D is incredibly kind! She gave me such a comprehensive and in-depth reading, and even clarified some questions I had for her after she sent me my 13 page reading!!! i couldn't thank her enough. I will definitely buy again!


I actually purchased this reading for a good friend. The reading was super accurate, it gave my friend clarity and it was able to help her move in a more positive direction. My friend loved it so much, she recommended to her cousin. The cousin thought D was great and super accurate as well.


This is probably my 4th reading. She is 100% accurate and detailed. I enjoyed all my reading and honesty. You are truly amazing and Thank You... Much Love


D is incredibly kind! She gave me such a comprehensive and in-depth reading, and even clarified some questions I had for her after she sent me my 13 page reading!!! i couldn't thank her enough. I will definitely buy again!


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