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General Love Tarot Reading

MP3 Reading

  • 1 h
  • 30 US dollars
  • MP3 Reading

Service Description

This reading will offer you guidance on what is going on and what you need to be aware of for the near future regarding your love life. Please let me know if you are single or if you are currently with someone; it will alter what I ask the cards. For example, if you are single, I will ask something along the lines of, "What is coming into x's love life?" Whereas, if you are with someone, I will ask the cards what it is that you want to know about your relationship, their feelings toward you, what is coming into you and your partner's near future, etc. Please provide me with their initials as well. I will ask and shuffle my Rider Waite tarot deck, and let the cards jump out as they please. Then, I will clarify the meanings of each card with another Tarot deck. I will also use a combination of my pendulums (if applicable) and at least 2 oracle decks to gain further messages from spirit for each question, depending on what the question calls for. When your reading is complete, I will send you a detailed explanation of what the cards have said, and I will email you a picture of the reading in PDF format. Please make sure that your email is up-to-date, as this will be how I will send you the messages I have received for you. It will typically take 3-5 days or less for me to get to your reading. I will contact you once I have received your order to let you know approximately how long it will take. **Please note that by law, I must state that this reading is for ente

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