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Love Reading

MP3 Audio Recording

  • 1 hour
  • 30 US dollars
  • MP3 Audio Recording

Service Description

Choose three questions as the focus to your reading or send me up to three questions of your own! -How does your person feel about you? -What are their intentions (conscious & subconscious)? -Will you reconcile? -Should I stay in this connection? -What is the future of our connection? -How to heal our connection? -What is the nature of our connection? -What is coming into my love life? -What can I do to cultivate self-love? I will use one tarot deck and one oracle deck per question. Depending on the option you chose, you will receive either an MP3 recording (at least 15 minutes long per question) or a detailed written explanation of what the cards have said (usually 7+ pages long). Either way, I will email you a picture of the reading in PDF format. Please make sure that your email is up-to-date, as this will be how I will send you the messages I have received for you. Please let me know who this person is to you, i.e. if this person is a significant other, family member, friend, boss, etc. It will typically take me 5-7 days or less to get to your reading. I will contact you once I have received your order to let you know approximately how long it will take. **Please note that by law, I must state that this reading is for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18+ to purchase. It is not to take place of a qualified medical practitioner. I will not answer questions about death or health for this reason. While I will give you a reading of what is to come, please also note that the results are also dependent on yours and anyone else's free will. No guarantees are made, nor are any of the readings set in stone due to this. I am not responsible for any actions taken by an individual as a result of this reading. Lastly, this reading is provided for guidance and advice purposes only. I will give you the most accurate description of what the cards tell me to tell you.

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